In 2012, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary. The company EUROMED, s.r.o. was established in 2002 in order to operate a private health care facility specializing in children. The surgical outpatient department for children has been in continuous operation in the Children’s Faculty Hospital with Policlinic (outpatient department, room No. 119) since the establishment of the company up to now. Health care is provided for by an experienced and stable staff: MUDr. Mária Kerdíková, MUDr. Jozef Babala, PhD and nurse Vierka Víteková.

We have been providing day health care for children since 2006. The collective is made up of the most experienced specialists in the respective field, which provides excellent professional team cooperation and maximum safety. Our vision is to enable the utilisation of day surgery to as many child patients as possible.



Good morning,
My name is Daniela Nagyová, I am mother of 4-year old Gregor and 7-year old Viktor.
My son Gregor was three years old, when he underwent adenoidectomy in Topolcany hospital. Despite the kind approach of personnel, it was an extraordinarily negative experience. Stress started already during pre-operation blood taking, which is very stressful for little children, and in our case, we had to repeat the blood taking because of worsened health condition.
One day before the procedure we were admitted to hospital by the outpatient department of otorhinolaryngology and we had to take part in an interview with the anaesthetist, which meant long hours of waiting in the crowded corridors of the hospital. On the second day we came to hospital at 7 a.m., with an empty stomach. We changed into pyjama and went to bed. With 3.5-year old Gregor we got to the operation room at 11 a.m. The child was thirsty, hungry, and nervous. It was difficult to calm him.
After he woke up, he was very unquiet and cried. He calmed down within one hour; he had his lunch within 2 hours and was completely all right. He started being bored and more and more nervous. The problem was that we were forced to spend another unnecessary night in hospital. I could not believe that my friend in France with her son underwent the same surgery in the form of day surgery in hospital.
I find the continuous waiting very negative. A simple operation lasted three days. Then I decided to do anything to avoid anything similar with my child, although I knew we will not avoid hydrocele surgery.
In TV I saw an interview with MUDr. Babala about paediatric day surgery in Slovakia. Then I decided to visit his outpatient department. The first positive surprise was that they did not request blood taking, only pre-operation internal examination and a detailed questionnaire for the anaesthetist. The operation took place on Saturday. We arrived in the private clinic at the exactly specified time, where we were placed in a pleasant room. We did not have to change into pyjama :) . In the room, the anaesthetist visited us to talk to us shortly. It inspired our confidence. Gregor was administered premedication and several minutes later, the anaesthetist carried him to the operation room.
Because he underwent 3 operations (hydrocele, phimosis and ear plastic surgery), Gregor was brought back 45 minutes later. After a while he woke up and about one hour later, after being examined by the anaesthetist and doctor, we went home. For the rest of the day, he slept or lay in bed or on the sofa in front of TV.
Everything took place very quickly, in pleasant environment. The whole personnel were very kind and professional. In contrast with the previous experiences regarding the Slovak health service we felt like not being in Slovakia. We are grateful that we could pass this necessary operation without problems.
Thank to MUDr. Babala and the whole team that despite obstacles they do the best for children and us, the parents!
I wish them success and as few obstacles from insurance companies as possible.
Daniela Nagyová



Thank you once again, we were very satisfied and in case of other operations (I hope there will be none – but if any), definitely with you.
:-) We recommend to all friends
Have a nice day



Good morning, Mr. Doctor,
I am glad that at least in this way I can express my thanks and satisfaction with your work – the environment is very pleasant and the personnel is very professional and kind. Our son went to the operation prepared in advance, so he was a little bit afraid because he knew what was waiting for him. But the fear disappeared at the moment when he could choose his bed and “chat” with a smiling nurse. Afterwards, everything happened so quickly that I do not know whether I thanked and soon we were at home….moreover, I received answers to all my questions, thus I was not afraid of the post-operation care. My son slept well and then he behaved like if there was no operation. We asked him whether it hurt, and he answered that after an operation it always hurt slightly (he knew that in advance), but we could not tell it from his behaviour. Home care is incomparably more positive both for the parent and for the child’s psychic.
The only disadvantage is that operations are carried out only once a month, so not always the date can be accepted in terms of the child’s age. But because these are procedures which do not endanger life directly, children can wait for a more suitable date like we were waiting and thank you once again for your willingness because thanks to it our son had virtually no traumatising experience.
It is very sad that the legislation of this State does not allow doctors to solve such medical procedures directly in hospital and for all who properly pay the health insurance…
Thank you once again and we wish you only such positive reactions of satisfied parents and their healthy smiling children.
Have a nice day
Tobol family