Gravatar (2) Alexander Leonov
Pi, 18 november 2016 14:30:20 +0000

The Maternity malpractice may be developed into foreskin adhesion or conglutination. The later fixing may be just flacking off forsely by surgeon, which was done in Moscow 1982-1984. But that procedure has its strong pain - the next days it is very painful to urinate. Also, pricedure of the desinfection with manganese may has no effect. And with the time, if do not touch - the foreskin adhesion begins to stretching back by its natural properties, that the next time it would be some problem to flak off completelly from the first time - but - it is not real phymosis, it is adhesion of the foreskin margens. And because of that, any radio-hypnosis of the sexual problem may be sexual defilement of the child.You may see that tge War in Syria, that the Russian Economics sanctions in United Nations - the trash of the Communists Party with their sexual defilement of the child with just adhesion on the foreskin. I got USA in 2000. The problem with sex was developed by USA police abuse - tge infections on the sexual organs. In 2013 the president Putin daughter studied in New Jersey College one semester in New Jersey, and CIA police infected penis with something as like tonsillitis infection by toilet room domestic way. Also, they infected in college with something as like fungus - the New York City Nation Security police was working with Russia in United Nations organization. The psychiatrists radio-hypnosis harassment was selling penis extender from Germany. Actually. Their radio-hypnosis was not bought, but they made infection and offered sircumstigence. The Medicaid urologist offered me complete cut all foreskin. If it is possible to do not cut totally making penis dick bare?

(1) Steve
St, 11 február 2015 13:06:48 +0000


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